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06 Jun SafePal NFT Event with Electric Sheep NFT x Ultiverse
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Following the popular demand for the previous NFT Raffle event with our community, we had an overwhelming amount of participants take part in the 1st NFT Raffle event with Electric Sheep NFT x Ultiver..
06 Jun [AMA Recap] AMA Section with Grok in SafePal Community
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On the 20th of May, 2022 at 11:00 UTC, SafePal hosted Grok for an AMA session on SafePal’s Discord Community. The session was divided into three segments. Fireside Chat was made in Segment 1, question..
06 Jun Maintenance Notice of Binance Dapp and Swap Services
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Update May 16, 2022[Ongoing] The SafePal Swap service will undergo further maintenance as more time is needed to fully assess the SafePal Swap service. We will update the community as soon as we can, ..
06 Jun Important Changes About Binance DApp Identity Verification
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Dear SafePal users,SafePal is the first decentralized cryptocurrency wallet that implements the Binance trading experience in the SafePal mobile App. Through the Binance Trading DApp, users can access..
27 Jun Instruction for SafePal S1 Cold Wallet
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SafePal is committed to providing users with a safe and user-friendly crypto asset management platform with the goal of protecting and growing users’ crypto assets in a safe and convenient manner. Thi..
28 Jun SafePal S1 Vs Ledger Nano X
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Before we start, let us have a clear idea of ​​the prices of these two cold wallets. The domestic price of LEDGER NANO X is generally more than 1500 RMB, even if I go overseas, it will not be lower th..
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