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SafePal S1 Vs Ledger Nano X

28 Jun SafePal S1 Vs Ledger Nano X
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Before we start, let us have a clear idea of ​​the prices of these two cold wallets. The domestic price of LEDGER NANO X is generally more than 1500 RMB, even if I go overseas, it will not be lower than this price; SafePal S1 is currently available for less than 600 RMB. In fact, SafePal S1 and the lower-end Ledger Nano S are in the same price range, but because the Ledger Nano S is too low-end, we skip the class and compare it with Ledger's highest-end Nano X

SafePal S1Ledger Nano X
priceAbout 600 RMBAbout 1500 RMB
Chips and MaterialsEAL 5+ security chip, body made of ABS plasticEAL 5+ security chip, the body is made of glass and metal, and the sense of quality is better
Security configurationPIN code protection, passphrase PASSSPHRASE, tamper-proof self-destruction functionPIN code protection, PASSPHRASE passphrase
EstablishedSafePal was established in 2018 and launched the SafePal S1 cold wallet for collection in May 2019Founded in 2014, Ledger launched the first cold wallet Ledger Nano S in June 2016 and Ledger Nano X in January 2019

Connection methodThere is no connection, and all physical connections are isolated by scanning the code to signBluetooth connection
Supported currencies30000+ currencies and tokens, support NFT storage of ERC20, BSC, Polygon and other chains5000+ currencies and tokens, support NFT storage on ERC20 chain
support systemIOS,Android,Google Chorome browser plug-inIOS,Android,Windows,MacOs
screen and keys1.3" IPS color screen and 5 function buttons for easy operationLess than 0.3" screen and two buttons, the operation is cumbersome
APP softwareSupport Chinese, easy to operate, built-in Binance DApp, flash exchange, DEFI, wealth management and other functions, high playabilityBuilt-in DEFI, flash exchange function, weak Chinese support

In general, Ledger Nano X was launched 4 months earlier than SafePal S1, and the Ledger company is older, and Ledger Nano X performs better in material. SafePal is significantly better than Ledger Nano X in terms of price, security configuration, connection method, supported currency and NFT type and quantity, and ease of operation. An investment's only cold wallet product

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