SafePal is committed to providing users with a safe and user-friendly crypto asset management platform with the goal of protecting and growing users’ crypto assets in a safe and convenient manner. This is the first hardware wallet invested and supported by Binance.

SafePal supports more than 4 million users from more than 196 countries and regions through its unique product line of hardware wallets and software wallets, all of which are paired and managed through the SafePal App, allowing users to maintain asset security without compromising asset security. Safeguard, manage, exchange, trade and grow their crypto assets without any hassle.

SafePal's SafePal S1 cold wallet is a hardware wallet that is completely isolated from the network. Transactions are authorized through encrypted QR code signatures. Unlike traditional cold wallets, it is not necessary to connect USB cables, WIFI, NFC or Bluetooth, etc., which greatly reduces the occurrence of risks. , truly 100% offline, creating a safe storage environment to the greatest extent possible.

Several advantages and highlights of SafePal S1:

1. Invested by Binance and recognized by industry leaders, indicating that the product is safe and reliable.

2. 100% network isolation and offline, really random. It is also the safest way.

3. Built-in industry-leading EAL 5+ security chip, hardware wallet supports 12/18/24-bit auxiliary words, anti-demolition and self-destruction, PIN code protection, Passphrase password and other security configurations, it can be said to be armed to the teeth, and various security configurations are one Everything is available.

4. The supported currencies are very rich. Currently, it supports more than 40+ public chains and more than 30,000 currencies and tokens. It can store various cryptocurrencies without limit; easily add and delete currencies.

5. The built-in Binance DApp can easily perform operations such as spot, contract, DEFI, and financial management. Built-in Binance flash exchange, easy cross-chain and cross-currency exchange.

6. Built-in a variety of DApp, DEFI projects, such as PancakeSwap, Uniswap, QuickSwap, SushiSwap and many other projects

7. Support multiple languages ​​and support Chinese.

8. Small in size, portable and easy to carry, it is convenient for us to manage our encrypted assets 7x24 hours a day