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Why Buy Hardware Wallet From Us?

Why buy hardware wallet from us rather than from official site?

1.We are official reseller of most brands that we are supply ,so it's same security and price when buy from us

2.If you are located in China Mainland, then the customs clearance will be a difficult thing for you to buy hardware wallet from company outside China mainland, but we have stock in China mainland which can arrive you within just 1-2 days

3.Our company provide various brands with high security features, so we can suggest you best model which fit your request

4.Many brands hardware wallet don't ship parcel to client from China mainland,Russian,Ukraine etc..,but we can ship without problems

5.Our company provide support and instruction step by step, this is what you can't get when buy from official company

6.8 Hours x 7 day online, you can reach us anytime you want